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NF2444-AbbeyS   Abbey
NF2444-AbbeyG   Abbey *As Seen On TheBachelorette & The Biggest Loser*
ES2408-AddisonS   Addison *As Seen On Arrow & The Doctors*
ES2408-AddisonG   Addison *As Seen On The Biggest Loser*
NS2420-AlexS   Alexandra
NS2420-AlexG   Alexandra *As Seen On The Crazy Ones & The League*
NS2542-AndiG   Andi *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
ES2430-Ariane   Ariane *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
NS2537-August   August
FHT1418   Autumn Aztec Hair Ties
FHT1409   Autumn Sea Goddess Hair Ties
FHT1406   Aztec Hair Ties
NF2516-BaileyCG   Bailey Aqua Chalcedony
NF2516-BaileyBOG   Bailey Black Onyx
NF2516-BaileyGOG   Bailey Green Onyx
NF2516-BaileyLG   Bailey Lapis *As Seen On Bones*
FHT1428   Balance Hair Ties
FHT1403   Black On Black Hair Ties
NF1170SS   Blackwell *As Seen On The Secret Circle*
ES2413-BlairG   Blair *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
NS2605-BobbiG   Bobbi
NS2605-BobbiS   Bobbi
NS2501-BrennaG   Brenna
NS2501-BrennaS   Brenna
ES2422-BriaG   Bria *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
ES2405-BrookeG   Brooke
ES2405-BrookeS   Brooke
NF2415-BryleeG   Brylee
NF2415-BryleeS   Brylee
NS1133   Cameo *As Seen On Hart of Dixie*
NS2540-CameronBOG   Cameron Black Onyx
NS2540-CameronCG   Cameron Chalcedony
NS2540-CameronLG   Cameron Labradorite
NS2405-CarolineG   Caroline - Black *As Seen On The Bachelorette and The Vampire Diaries*
BF2506-CarrieGS   Carrie Leaf
BF2506-CarrieSS   Carrie Leaf
BF2506-CarriePS   Carrie Tree of Life
NS2533-CaseyG   Casey
NS2533-CaseyS   Casey
EF1191SS   Cassie *as seen on The Secret Circle*
EF2511-CeceBC   Cece Blue Chalcedony
EF2511-CeceGO   Cece Green Onyx
EF2511-CeceRM   Cece Rainbow Moonstone *As Seen On The Biggest Loser*
ES2415-ChloeS   Chloe
ES2415-ChloeG   Chloe *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
ES2536-Cora   Cora *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
FHT1413   Cosmic Boho Hair Ties
RS2503-CostelloS   Costello
RS2503-CostelloG   Costello *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
NS2441-DanielleGMG   Danielle
NS2441-DanielleS   Danielle
NS2441-Danielle   Danielle * As seen on The Bachelorette*
ES2530-DanielleChG   Danielle Aqua Chalcedony
ES2530-DanielleChS   Danielle Aqua Chalcedony
ES2530-DanielleLG   Danielle Labradorite
ES2530-DanielleLS   Danielle Labradorite
NS2441-DanielleLG   Danielle Labradorite
NS2441-DanielleLS   Danielle Labradorite
ES2530-DaniellePCG   Danielle Pink Chalcedony
NS2601-DannyCG   Danny Chalcedony
NS2601-DannyQG   Danny Quartz
NS2601-DannyTG   Danny Turquoise
NS1118   Dawn *As Seen On The Secret Circle*
RS2505-Deanna   Deanna
BS2502-DesireG   Desire
BS2502-DesireS   Desire
NS2502-DesireG   Desire
NS2502-DesireS   Desire
NF2509-DesireSWG   Desire Sideways
NF2509-DesireSWS   Desire Sideways
FHT1416   Diamond Hair Ties
BS2503-DInfinityG   Double Infinity
BS2503-DInfinityS   Double Infinity
NS2508-DInfinityG   Double Infinity
NS2508-DInfinityS   Double Infinity
NS2539-DrewBOG   Drew Black Onyx
NS2539-DrewCG   Drew Chalcedony
NS2539-DrewLG   Drew Labradorite
BS2411-EliseTG   Elise Turquoise *As Seen On The League*
EF2506-EllieG   Ellie
EF2506-EllieS   Ellie
NS2510-EllieG   Ellie
NS2510-EllieS   Ellie
EF2510-EllisonCG   Ellison Chalcedony
EF2510-EllisonLG   Ellison Labradorite
EF2510-EllisonMG   Ellison Rainbow Moonstone
NF2506-EmmaG   Emma
NF2506-EmmaS   Emma
NF2507-EmmaLG   Emma Lariat
NF2507-EmmaLS   Emma Lariat
FHT1430   Enlightenment Hair Ties
NS2401-EternityG   Eternity *As Seen On Scandal*
NS2401-EternityS   Eternity *As Seen On Scandal*
NF2437-EternityHG   Eternity Hammered
NF2437-EternityHS   Eternity Hammered
NF2445-EternityHLG   Eternity Large
NF2445-EternityHLS   Eternity Large
BF2501-FarahG   Farah
BF2501-FarahS   Farah
NF2502-FarahG   Farah
NF2502-FarahS   Farah
NF2503-FarahLG   Farah Lariat
NF2503-FarahLS   Farah Lariat
NF2501-FarahMG   Farah Mini
NF2501-FarahMS   Farah Mini
EF2501-FarahG   Farah Studs
EF2501-FarahS   Farah Studs
EF1196   Faye *as seen on The Secret Circle*
BF2504-FelicityBG   Felicity Black Onyx
ES2403-FionaS   Fiona *As Seen On The Bachelorette & The Doctors*
ES2403-FionaG   Fiona *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
NS1149GF   Fleur De Lis *As Seen On Hart of Dixie*
FHT1405   Garden Party Hair Ties
FHT1420   Garden Rose Hair Ties
NF2512-GemmaG   Gemma
NF2512-GemmaS   Gemma
NF2513-GemmaCG   Gemma Collar
NF2513-GemmaCS   Gemma Collar
NF2514-GemmaCG   Gemma Lariat
NF2514-GemmaCS   Gemma Lariat
FHT1423   Glitter Hair Ties
FHT1414   Glittery Grape Hair Ties
ES2406-GwenG   Gwen
ES2406-GwenS   Gwen *As Seen On The Doctors*
ES2436-HailieCH   Hailie Chalcedony
ES2436-HailieGM   Hailie Grey Moonstone
RS2411-Hampton   Hampton *As seen on The Bachelorette and The Secret Circle*
RS2505-HamptonOC   Hampton Oval
RS2505-HamptonRC   Hampton Round
ES2533-HarperRG   Harper
ES2533-HarperG   Harper *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
EF2516-HeatherS   Heather *As Seen On Once Upon A Time*
EF1190   Heather *As Seen On The Secret Circle*
NS2536-IllianaBOG   Illiana Black Onyx *As Seen On The Vampire Diaries & Bones*
NS2536-IllianaCG   Illiana Chalcedony
NS2536-IllianaTG   Illiana Turquoise
BS2403-InfinityG   Infinity
BS2403-InfinityS   Infinity
NF2418-InfinityG   Infinity
NF2418-InfinityS   Infinity
RS2407-Infinity   Infinity
ES2535-InfinityG   Infinity Vermeil Studs *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
BS2506-JasmineG   Jasmine
BS2506-JasmineS   Jasmine
ES2509-JasmineCG   Jasmine *As Seen On Arrow*
NS2409-Jasper   Jasper *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
RS2504-JaylinLM   Jaylin
EF2503-JorjaG   Jorja
EF2503-JorjaS   Jorja
NF2505-JorjaS   Jorja
NF2505-JorjaG   Jorja *As Seen On Arrow*
NS2448-JorjaS   Jorja Mini
NS2448-JorjaG   Jorja Mini *As Seen On The Doctors*
NF2518-June   June *As Seen On Scandal*
NF2515-JunoACG   Juno Aqua Chalcedony
NF2515-JunoACS   Juno Aqua Chalcedony
NF2515-JunoBOG   Juno Black Onyx
NF2515-JunoBOS   Juno Black Onyx
NF2515-JunoGOG   Juno Green Onyx
NF2515-JunoGOS   Juno Green Onyx
NS2604-KaitlynG   Kaitlyn
EF2430-KatiaG   Katia *As Seen On Arrow & The Bachelorette*
EF2430-KatiaS   Katia *As Seen On The Doctors*
ES2409-KellyG   Kelly *As Seen On The Biggest Loser*
ES2409-KellyS   Kelly *As Seen On The Doctors*
EF2515-Kensie   Kensie *As Seen On The Biggest Loser*
NF2438-KristinG   Kristin
NF2438-KristinS   Kristin
ES2501-LaurelC   Laurel 10mm Chalcedony Studs
ES2501-LaurelR   Laurel 10mm Ruby Studs *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
ES2506-LaurelGO   Laurel Green Onyx Studs
ES2506-LaurelL   Laurel Labradorite Studs
EF2504-LaurenCG   Lauren Aqua Chalcedony
EF2504-LaurenCS   Lauren Aqua Chalcedony
EF2504-LaurenBOG   Lauren Black Onyx
EF2504-LaurenBOS   Lauren Black Onyx
EF2504-LaurenGOG   Lauren Green Onyx
EF2504-LaurenGOS   Lauren Green Onyx
NF2508-LaurenG   Lauren Lariat
NF2508-LaurenS   Lauren Lariat
EF2504-LaurenQG   Lauren Quartz
EF2504-LaurenQS   Lauren Quartz
EF2504-LaurenLG   Lauren Sapphire
EF2504-LaurenLS   Lauren Sapphire
EF2429-LeahS   Leah
EF2429-LeahG   Leah *As Seen On The Bachelorette*
NS2411-LeandraD   Leandra *As Seen On Arrow*
NF2404-LeandraCG   Leandra Aqua Chalcedony
NF2404-LeandraCS   Leandra Aqua Chalcedony
NF2404-LeandraDS   Leandra Druzy
NF2404-LeandraLG   Leandra Labradorite
NF2404-LeandraLS   Leandra Labradorite
NF2404-LeandraLPG   Leandra Lapis
NF2404-LeandraLPS   Leandra Lapis
NS2541-LeanneFG   Leanne
ES2534-Lexie   Lexie *As Seen On Alison Sweeney*
BF2503-LibbyAG   Libby Apetite
BF2503-LibbyBG   Libby Black Onyx
BF2503-LibbyBS   Libby Black Onyx
ES2435-LillyS   Lilly *As Seen On Scandal*

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